Walking Exercise

Walking is a great exercise that helps us to reduce lot of weight. It is a cheaper, natural and easier way to lose weight. Approx 1 hour of walking in a day can help you to reduce 35 pounds in a year, but due to our busy schedule, usually we are unable to find time for walking. We never get more than 15 to 20 minutes for us in a day, so how is it possible to walk daily for 1 hour for being slimmer and active?

Here are some tips to find out time to keep ourselves healthy and active:

Usually we walk to our office by driving car or other public transport. Leave your home little earlier and walk 15 minutes to reach bus stop or car parking area. If your stop is nearby your home, than avoid first stop and try to take bus from second stop. Walking 20 minutes after taking breakfast is good and very easier to follow.

Make your lunch schedule in way so that you can walk 15 minutes after having it. Take a few laps around your office building or window shopping is also good and before back to your desk. Drink plenty of water to replace lost fluid in body but make sure that was not so hard.

Now, it’s 3:30 p.m. definitely you lose your lots of energy in doing office work. Get up and walk on office stairs, try to slip out on railing by closing your eyes and see what happens, when you back on your desk, you will feel more energetic and active, try to spend 15 minutes for this activity.

It’s evening now and time to return home. Repeat your morning task again and try to walk 15 minutes to reach bus stop or to reach your home.

After having dinner, walk 15 minutes nearby your home that helps to digest your food and also helps to make you slim and active for another day.

Keep remember walk 15 to 20 minutes after some time in a day is as good as 1 hour walking in a day.