Getting Rid of Runny Nose Effectively

Do you find it very annoying having a runny nose and you do not know the things you should do in order to get rid of it?

Let me just clear it with you that the runny nose we are talking about here is just the allergy-caused one. If you are suffering from a runny nose accompanied by a fever, then let me tell you that you badly need a doctor on that matter.

1. Natural Way – there are best natural ways you can do in order to for you to stop a runny nose.

Massage – The easiest way to do this massage thing is to put some pressure on the two parts of your nose.  Do this method ten times. The first part is right at the upper portion of your nose near the edges of your eyes then the second part is the last portion of your nose before the opening. Massage those parts slowly until you feel the relaxing feeling. You can also massage your earlobes because this process also helps.

Drink plenty of fluids – This is I guess the most common yet the most effective way. You should cialis 20mg be able to maintain drinking at least 6 to 8 oz of water and other liquid drinks because as you will do this, the mucus in your nose can be washed away by blowing it slowly from your nose.

Using herbal medicines – I consider this as a natural way of getting rid of the runny nose sickness since you will just use those herbal medicines and expecting no side effects from natural products. You should choose those herbs that could give you menthol sensation because it helps in the nasal congestion that you are suffering. Some herbal products can be bought from stores in your location or you can use the do it yourself herbal medicines.

Best example that I can give is using ginger. Boil ginger in a hot water and then breathe in the air that comes out from the boiling water. This is such a very effective method to use.

2. Using Drugs – It could not be denied that the advantage of using drugs in getting rid of a runny nose is that the effects are fast to be observed and at some point easy to do and can give you satisfying results.

One of the best examples is Sinutab capsule where you will just take once at night and all your headaches and the runny nose thing will not be felt in the morning.

However, undeniable also that the there are side effects once you will use chemicals just to stop the annoying feeling of those mucus running from your nose. Sinutab and other medicines like Sudafed Congestion PE can cause dizziness once you take it at the morning so it would be advisable to take the medicines before you sleep. Some might experience more allergic reactions from the chemicals used and might just worsen the case.

Aside the fact the there are side effects in using drugs, another negative side is that you will need to spend amount of money before you can get those nasal sprays and other tablets and capsules that you will need to take as remedy of the sickness you have.

However, if you could afford to buy and you prefer the easy way to get rid of the runny nose problem you have, then you can choose drugs achat viagra as medications.

Whichever method you will use, you should make it sure, that you could not worsen the case of your runny nose. Stay healthy and prevent things that could give you colds.