Do you deal with issues concerning good governance, inclusion and integration in/through sport in a changing world? Don’t miss the special programme on September 6th:

The programme on Thursday September 6th has been designed to showcase examples of how people working in the field of sport, have used cutting edge research within the broader topic of sport and a changing Europe.

We are proud to present a special thematic symposia (13.00-15.00 in English and 15.20-17.00 in Swedish) on the topic Rethinking ”sport for all”: Inclusion and integration(?), developed to attract those working in different types of sport organisations. You’ll get the opportunity to gain insight into the Swedish sport model in change and the way Swedish organisations deal with the challenges of inclusion and integration from different perspectives. Among others, you will meet representatives of an elite football club, local government, a community-based sport club and an entrepreneur. Researchers will frame the sessions with presentation on social entrepreneurship and gender perspectives.

The same day (10.20-12.00) you’ll also have the opportunity to join the Play the Game Special Workshop: Good governance and tools for change in sport. For further information see