General Information

The Student Seminar is an international four-days meeting of sport management students and is held September 1-5, prior to the European Sport Management Conference (September 5-8). Both the seminar and the conference are included in the fee (see below). The Student Seminar is primarily aimed to enhance managerial skills in practice while cooperating in the international environment. The educational programme consists of a management game (team projects), lectures and workshops related to the topic of the projects. It also includes field trips and a study visit as well as social events. Furthermore, given the number of leading experts and established researchers, the European Sport Management Conference is a great opportunity for networking and building professional contacts.

The topic of the Student Seminar is based on the conference theme: Managing Sport in a Changing Europe. More specifically the Student Seminar will focus on questions regarding integration, racism and inclusion/exclusion in relation to sport management.

The management game is inspired by the innovative and challenging context of Malmö, framed by migration and multi-culturalism. One example is the work for Football against racism carried out in Malmö Football Club (MFF).


Management Game


The 2018 EASM Student Seminar Management Game will focus on sport organisations and how they manage issues of children’s rights, integration and inclusion in and through sports. Sport is often perceived as an incubator for integration and inclusion for all individuals regardless of their ethnicity, race, physical ability, gender or socio-economic background. However, research also suggests that sport also produces and reproduces perceptions of differences, leading to exclusion. To be able to successfully complete this year’s Management Game, the students will have to critically develop and problematize their understanding and knowledge of key concepts regarding integration, inclusion and exclusion in relations to sport management.


In order to prepare and finalize their presentations, the students will receive topical lectures from both sport organizations and academic scholars during the Student Seminar. In addition, relevant literature will be suggested (see literature list below). Prior to the start of the Student Seminar, students are expected to familiarize themselves with the suggested topical literature and to have started a critical thought process regarding integration, inclusion and exclusion in relations to sport management.

The Management Game presentations must contain a critical and problematized investigation regarding the following issues:

  • Each student group needs to select one sports club of their choice that have either worked with, or could be seen as a successful arena for, incentives associated with integration and/or inclusion.
  • Each student group need to provide practical suggestions on how the chosen sports club can either improve existing, or incorporate new, management incentives to aid integration, inclusion and work against exclusion.
  • Each student group need to provide arguments why the chosen club should work with integration and inclusion, and motivate, based on the Student Seminar literature and lectures, potential benefits of engaging in such incentives.
  • Each student group need to reflect upon both possibilities and difficulties that will have an effect on the sports club’s work concerning integration or inclusion and how exclusion can be avoided.


Student Presentations

Student presentations will take place in front of the Student Seminar tutors, sport representatives and other invited academics. Each presentation will consist of a 20 minutes timeframe where 15 minutes are set aside for the presentation, and 5 minutes for questions and discussions. There will simultaneously be two parallel sessions with 5 groups in each.

The two best groups (one from each session) will be given the opportunity to hold their presentations at the 2018 EASM Conference, Thursday 6thof September. One of these two presentations will become the winner of the 2018 EASM Student Seminar Management Game.




Suggested literature for the Management Game

The following literature will serve as a starting point and introduction to the topic of this year’s Management Game. It is not mandatory to read all the literature provided but it is vital that the students familiarize themselves with literature regarding integration, inclusion and exclusion in relations to sports and sport management prior to the start of the 2018 EASM Student Seminar.

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