1-5 September 2018

We are happy to tell you that the planning of the EASM Student Seminar 2018 has started.

The Student Seminar is an international four-days meeting of sport management students and is held September 1-5, prior to the European Sport Management Conference (September 5-8). Both the seminar and the conference are included in the fee (see below). The Student Seminar is primarily aimed to enhance managerial skills in practice while cooperating in the international environment. The educational programme consists of a management game (team projects), lectures and workshops related to the topic of the projects. It also includes field trips and study visit as well as social events. Furthermore, given the number of leading experts and established researchers, the European Sport Management Conference is a great opportunity for networking and building professional contacts.

The topic of the Student Seminar is based on the conference theme: Managing Sport in a Changing Europe. More specifically the Student Seminar will focus on questions regarding multi-culturalism, migration, integration, racism and inclusion/exclusion in relation to sport management and development.

The management game (team projects) will focus on using international policies for sport as a mechanism to challenge racism and exclusion, through facilitating integration and inclusion. Students will develop applied strategies to translate these policies into concrete actions in sport organizations/clubs at a local level.

Cases for the management game are developed in the innovative and challenging context of Malmö, framed by migration and multi-culturalism. One example is the work for Football against racism carried out in Malmö Football Club (MFF).


Students: 6 500 SEK
Tutors: 9 500 SEK

The price includes accommodation, food, activities and the conference fee. Accommodation is located centrally in Malmö, at the trendy Davidshallstorg: https://www.swedishtouristassociation.com/facilities/stf-malmo-city-hostel/?_ga=2.194314093.1534899536.1513612002-1326646581.1513612002

Contact Information
Karin Book, PhD., karin.book@mah.se