4-5 September 2018

The PhD Student Seminar is a two-day international seminar and is held prior to the 26th European Sport Management Conference, at Malmö University. The seminar aims at gathering doctoral sport management students from all over the world for mutual discussions and presentations of their research projects. An important element is also the creation of networks which hopefully encourage the creation of future joint research projects across nations and the establishment of fruitful social relations. The seminar takes advantage of being located prior to the European Sport Management Conference by inviting leading scholars from the field of research to join the seminar as keynote speakers. Among the tutors and lecturers you will find Veerle de Bosscher, Jörg Königstorfer, Ulrik Wagner and Johan Norberg.

Application procedure
Applications must be sent by e-mail to Ulrik Wagner (uw@sdu.dk) starting from February 1st but no later than June the 1st. Expect a respond (acceptance/rejection) ten days later. We encourage you to apply as early as possible due to a limited number of possible attendees. Once you know that your application is accepted you can register for the seminar/conference via the official conference booking system.

In your application attach a short presentation (max. 400 words) of your project in which you briefly present your problem statement, specific research area, theoretical and methodological positions, the status of your project (e.g. at the beginning, halfway or at the end), the name of your supervisor and your institutional affiliation. First time attendees are given priority (i.e. second time attendees will not be assessed immediately) and the maximum number of seminar participants is 20 persons.

In order to participate, the doctoral student is obliged to submit and present a short paper (max. 3.000 words excl. references, see guidelines) before the 10th of August, and must be working on a project that – broadly speaking – has a sport management perspective (e.g. marketing, organization, leadership, public policy etc.). Participation in the ESMQ work shop “how to publish?” is integrated in the seminar. Two or three scientific articles are underpinning each of the four key note lectures. Seminar participation is credited with 3 ECTS.

Guidelines for paper submission and presentation

Paper presentations are an important part of our PhD seminar. The purpose is to give young scholars the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback from senior scholars and fellow students. We do not expect 100 % finished papers. On the contrary, we encourage all of you to submit `early-work-in-progress´ because this provides a good point of departure for subsequent elaboration and improvement before eventually submitting your manuscript for a peer reviewed journal or make it an integrated part of your dissertation.

A presentation (in English) will last approximately 30 minutes. Prior to the seminar all papers will be circulated among the participants. Thus we assume that the participants are familiar with your paper/research topic. You will have 10 minutes for a presentation in which you can highlight your key questions or choose to focus on a specific topic which you want to discuss afterwards. After the comments of the senior scholar (and if the time schedule allows this) other participants are able to ask questions and comment on the paper.

Papers can be an early phase of a journal article, a detailed description of your research project or a (method-) chapter for your dissertation. It must be written in English. The length of the papers can be a maximum of 3.000 words, but not less than 2.000 words (without references). Please use consistent reference style.

We encourage you to focus on research design, methodology or philosophy of science. This implies less emphasis on comprehensive state-of-art literature review (what is going on in my specific research area) and thorough analysis (we assume this will be your next step).  Our intention is, if possible, to discuss the early-phase of your PhD research project. For second time seminar attendees: if you presented a methodological paper the first time you attended you might move on to present a paper containing either your theoretical framework, a state-of-art literature review or an outline of your analysis.

What is absolutely important during the presentations is that the presenter receives fruitful and constructive feedbacks in a comfortable atmosphere which makes research progress once you return back home. Please, also respect that the majority of participants are non-native English speakers. Finally, we hope that all of you will use the breaks and evenings for informal discussions and networking.

Deadline for paper submission is Friday the 10th of August, 2018. Please send you paper as a plain pdf.file to uw@sdu.dk

Price: Seminar participation costs 6.000 SEK, which includes the full EASM conference package. Lunches are also included during the seminar while accommodation is not.

Contact Information
Please do not hesitate contacting Ulrik Wagner (uw@sdu.dk) in case further information is needed.