Alberto Madella Fund

Alberto Madella (1956 – 2008) was appointed an EASM Honorary Member in recognition of the commitment, enthusiasm and energy he demonstrated in the field of sport management. He worked for many years with EASM in various roles and served as General Secretary from 1996 to 2004. His passion for the subject and his dedication to teaching and research inspired many scholars, students and academics throughout the world. In recognition of the work undertaken by Alberto, EASM initiated the Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund.

The fund allows people to apply for 500 euros to help them attend the annual EASM Conference and/or Student Seminar.

Scholarship Criteria: to be eligible to apply for the scholarship fund, applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

Submit a brief proposal (500 words maximum) outlining why you think you should be awarded the scholarship. The proposal should also include your name, country of residence, and current occupation.
If successful, all applicants will have to produce a short report (500 words) and submit to EASM. The report should be accompanied with a photograph of you attending the Conference and you will have to agree that this can be used for promotional purposes. The report needs to be submitted to the EASM General Secretary no later than 14 days after the end of the Conference

If interested, please send email correspondence to the EASM General Secretary at


List of previous winners

In 2017 the fund has been awarded to two candidates: Nima Farajpour Bakhtiari and Veronica Lo Presti

Elisabeth Emana

In 2013 the fund has been awarded to two candidates: Lilla Szijj and Ahmed Alafandi

In 2012 the fund has been awarded to two candidates: Sanjay Tewari and Javad Yousefian